Charissa N. Terranova

The Naked Truth

In hailing Lucian Freud as “the Ingres of existentialism” mid-last century, the British art critic Herbert Read hit the descriptive mark with great precision. Read’s naming suggests opposites that have not so much been imperiously forced but organically birthed together. In Freud this meant a thorough punctiliousness cut with an anarchist [...]...

The Formative Figure

The human figure remains a persuasive vehicle for the expression of fathomless doubt, hard skepticism, and existential uncertainty about the world. While perhaps something of a straw man argument today, the polemic over the “figurative” and “abstract” in art [...]...

Painting as Painting

Dallas painter and post-medium practitioner Ludwig Schwarz loves a good glitch every now and then. “I am so glad you’re not recording me,” he said in response to the failures of the voice memos option on my iPhone. In self-deprecating fashion, he said, “I really don’t have anything [...]...

Charissa N. Terranova

Charissa N. Terranova is a freelance critic and curator. She is the author of Automotive Prosthetic: Technological Mediation and the Car in Conceptual Art (University of Texas Press, January 2014).