It’s my seventh issue performing the job of editor, treatment so it’s time to rock the A + C ship.

Starting next month, drug Devon Britt-Darby, generic former Houston Chronicle art critic, assumes the role of visual arts editor, allowing me to focus on the performing arts/literature/film and have a lot more fun at openings. His byline generously appears in this issue as well.

Bold. Sassy. Necessary.

We don’t claim to cover every inch of the arts in these pages. We can’t, so we want our choices to be as thoughtful in scope as possible. That takes someone like Britt-Darby, who knows the scene inside and out.

With our little visual mischief riffing on the “texts from Hillary” meme, we launch a monthly feature called Art/Ad Bomb, in which we invite an artist to make a small ad-size intervention. So, you get some original art in A + C!

More changes are in store. With the June issue, we move reviews online where they might have some impact, and this month we add the “worth the trip” feature, to keep you better informed of artful adventures across the region. I also moved into the Museum District; it now takes me all of three minutes to get to our esteemed houses of art.

The May issue is full of milestones, risk takers, and other stories worthy of your gaze. From HJ Bott’s three gallery road trip, to the upstart WindSync, to the Art Car’s big anniversary, you will see that playing it safe is not in the plan.

When I started this job, I called it a “work in progress.” Here’s hoping we’ve made some. I know for certain that I’ve had fun trying.

Nancy Wozny