Misha Penton

Outstanding Voices

Three Singers Make a Home in Houston The edges of my chiffon gown tickle the red carpet and my lofty, leopard print shoes lift me onto the escalators at the Wortham Theater Center. Surrounded by the soaring whimsy of Albert Paley’s ribbon-like sculptures, I imagine the ensuing [...]...

WindSync: Savvy, Smarts, & Sass

There’s nary a music stand in sight when woodwind quintet, WindSync, swaggers street-gang-style to tunes from Bernstein’s West Side Story or adorably masks as woodland denizens for a whimsical rendition of Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf [...]...

Misha Penton

Misha Penton (mishapenton.com) is a classical singer, new opera-music performer, theater artist, and general artsy shaker-upper.