Art City Austin

The legacy of the recently departed matriarch of Austin’s art scene, Peggy Frary, lives on in the upcoming Art City Austin, a weekend long celebration of our capital’s vibrant art scene....

No Idea Festival

For the uninitiated, No Idea is a four-day festival of improvised music and performance art under the direction of Chris Cogburn, who divides his time equally between Mexico City and Austin, TX. ...

The Head

While the audience found their seats and engaged in casual pre-show conversation, an enormous decaying head with luminous eyes gazed at them from the stage like a contemporary Olmec. ...


A Houston native, Phillip John graduated from Southwestern University with a BA in Psychology. When not studying the effects of pharmaceuticals on the sexual behavior of rats, he conspired with a loose group of art and science minded types to organize works of performance art and music based on biological processes called the Organic Helicopter. He has since moved to Austin and continues to focus on the intersection of art and science with other Southwestern alumni. Phillip is excited to report on the vibrant and welcoming theater community in our state’s eccentric capital. At the end of the day, Phillip’s one true love is a rotten, unfinished sailboat he purchased off craigslist. The restoration of said sailboat brings contentment and meaning to his life.