After two weekends of art fair stomping, view one thing became perfectly clear, we live in one happening, gallery town. With Barbara Davis Gallery celebrating 30 years in the art biz, it seems a perfect to time to focus on Houston’s galleries in our combined December/January issue.

Whether showing established or emerging artists, Barbara Davis has one famous eye for art. The first time I walked into a room full of Daniel McFarlane paintings, I felt struck by a meteor of vibrant energy. Nancy Zastudil brings us into the rising career of McFarlane, on view at Barbara Davis Gallery in December, and the continuing momentum of Pat Colville, showing in January at Moody Gallery.

Charissa Terranova takes us behind the scenes at Deborah Colton Gallery, highlighting current and upcoming shows, while Debra Barrera profiles Joseph Cohen at Wade Wilson Art.

New work is always exciting. So are new people. Holly Beretto introduces to all the big changes at Opera in the Heights, which begins a whole new chapter in their history.

December is a time to look beyond the traditional. You can do that this month at Catastrophic Theatre, with their production of Lisa D’Amour’s “Anna Bella Eema.” Zachary Doss interviews D’Amour, who has just won a 2011 Steinberg Playwright Award.

I found compelling theater in an unlikely place during recent performance by Houston Chamber Choir. Our cultural warrior this month is Becky Tobin, the one-woman show behind the Chamber Choir.

New York may be the nation’s dance capital, but it’s hard to ignore the bounty of dance coming to Houston in 2012. Be it ballet or dance installation work, it’s coming this season.

As we pass into 2012, it’s time to consider the art that rocked our souls and to get jazzed about what’s about to come. A+C writers do both.

Wishing you an artful New Year,