“What are you doing this summer?”, I asked choreographer Jane Weiner of Hope Stone. “Oh nothing much. Just deconstructing Mozart’s Requiem.”

Looking at those sleek Hope Stone dancers chillin’ on the cover, you might think it was the swim suit issue, but as I write, those very dancers are in fact busy taking apart Mozart’s WRECK-WE-UMMM (as the cheeky choreographer calls it).

In my catching up on local dance, choreographer Andy Noble of NobleMotion Dance also talks to us about his ongoing love affair with light and movement. Devon Britt-Darby talked light too, with none other than James Turrell, regarding his holograms at Hiram Butler Gallery.

In fact, there’s a whole lotta talkin’ in this issue. Liz Duffy Adams brings us into her post- apocalyptic comedy Dog Act at Main Street Theater.

Houston Grand Opera’s Sandra Bernhard may be the only one in the country with a job like hers. She gives a glimpse of her vision and work in our Cultural Warrior Q & A. So, maybe it’s the interview issue.

Then we have Holly Beretto’s investigation of three Houston artistic directors with big time reputations outside of Houston including HGO’s Patrick Summers, Ars Lyrica’s Matthew Dirst, and Da Camera’s Sarah Rothenberg. All perform nationally and internationally, while becoming cultural ambassadors for Houston in the process.

Britt-Darby heads to the beach to report on the Galveston Artist Residency’s first round of artists, who are wrapping up their year-long stay on the island with an exhibition at Galveston Art Center. ‘Worth the Trip’ highlights the nation’s three top dance summer meccas with the American Dance Festival, Bates Dance Festival, and Jacob’s Pillow Dance, where I will be heading in August. Looks like “road issue” fits too.

Be sure to hunt through the entire issue for July’s Art/Ad Bomb, The Cock NYC (2009), from the portfolio of Houston photographer Timothy Gonzalez. He can be reached at socialbends@gmail.com.

Don’t let the heat fool you. Nothing much slows down here in amidst summer’s swelter. The art continues…..