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Pushing Painting: Blake Rayne at Blaffer

Blake Rayne’s Cabin of the Accused, on view at Blaffer Art Museum through March 18, 2017, is a survey of works that “rearticulate specific elements, organizational attitudes, and pictorial procedures” in the artist’s oeuvre....

Painting As She Goes: Marcelyn McNeil’s New Works at Conduit Gallery

“I’m not a sarcastic painter,” Marcelyn McNeil tells me near the end of our conversation in her east Houston live/work space. She has just finished explaining the title of her upcoming solo effort at Dallas’ Conduit Gallery. Love and Theft, on view Sept. 10-Oct. 15, is a nod to her commitment to the old-school practice of painting and an acknowledgment of the constant appropriation and regeneration of formal abstraction in today’s teeming art world. ...

Hilary Lloyd at Blaffer Art Museum

“Casual elegance” is a phrase too often bandied about by women’s clothiers and wine marketers, who would have you believe that it is something that can be purchased or assumed as a posture. For something to be “casually elegant” its level of refinement must be so high that it has become habitual, and only appears casual. ...
casey gregory

casey gregory

Casey Gregory is a writer and artist based in Houston.