Joseph Wozny

Sonia Sanchez Documentary Headlines REELpoetry

While not quite as ancient as all nine muses of the arts, the conversation between the arts of poetry and film goes back some time. REELpoetry, curated by Toni Holland, is Public Poetry’s first poetry film event, featuring documentaries, workshops, panels, poetry performances, and cinepoetry....

Listening Rituals: Hans Tutschku at the Moody Center

In the liner notes for an upcoming CD on GRM, Paris, composer Hans Tutschku - Professor of Music at Harvard University - defines the listening ritual as, “listening […] without doing anything else – just diving into the sound world and letting all inner images and imaginations flow.”...

Jazz on/in/and Film at the MFAH

In a year, a very small number of “jazz films” can or will be released — there’s just (unfortunately) not that many to be made. So, during Jazz on Film, a yearly festival curated by Peter Lucas, now in its fifth year, there are some repetitions from previous years. ...
Joseph Wozny

Joseph Wozny

Joseph Wozny is a Houston based writer and musician.