Lee Escobedo

Sappers and Miners: Kelli Vance at Cris Worley

The women in Sappers and Miners, Kelli Vance’s new show of paintings on view through June 17 at Chris Worley Fine Arts, are preparing for a kind of war. Vance depicts her young soldiers in various modes of spiritual training. ...

Show Up: Margaret Meehan

Little monsters look at us from ink, mold, paint, and collage. These monsters look familiar. Not just as historical markers to marginalized existences, which they are, but as real, flesh and blood women....

Curating in Texas: Danielle Avram

On any given weekend in Dallas, there are a slew of art openings. But curator and mother Danielle Avram has to make time to roll on the floor with her three-year-old daughter, give her a bath, and tuck her in before even thinking about a babysitter. ...

Lee Escobedo

Lee Escobedo is a Dallas-based critic and writer whose work can be found in Terremoto Magazine, Berlin Art Link, Glasstire, and The Dallas Morning News. He was the 2016/2017 co-programmer of The Artist Circle at The Nasher Sculpture Center.