Sherry Cheng

Texas Early Music Project Bridges Past and Present

Iberian monophony, Notre Dame polyphony, Medieval mystery plays, Renaissance madrigals, Baroque operas, French virelai, Spanish villancico, Italian frottola, Scottish ballades, Sephardic love songs, and much more—early music encompasses a dazzling wealth of forms and styles. ...

Fire & Water: HGO Triumphs with Götterdämmerung

Houston Grand Opera has done it! The realization of Richard Wagner's epic Ring Cycle, the single most challenging and monumental artistic undertaking in the opera company's history, culminated with full force in the cathartic fourth and final installment Götterdämmerung (Twilight of the Gods)....

Breaking Boundaries: Apollo Chamber Players in Cuba

Amid the hearty shouts of “Cuba Libre” punctuating the final exuberant moments of Arthur Gottschalk's Imagénes de Cuba, Houston's Apollo Chamber Players capped off their historic performance/recording tour in Cuba with a lively retrospective concert at the Institute of Hispanic Culture upon their return to Houston....
Sherry Cheng

Sherry Cheng

Sherry Cheng is a music educator, free-lance pianist, and artistic director of the HCC Chamber Music Series.