Steven Brown

From Faraway Lands to the Apocalypse, Soluna Festival Is All About Adventure

The Dallas Symphony’s 2020 Soluna festival will encompass all that and more. The annual music and arts showcase, opening April 3, will feature Dallas artists plus globe-trotting guests; traditional concerts and multimedia immersions; a live incarnation of an acclaimed rock ’n’ roll album as well as a documentary film whose subjects perform in person in front of it....

Orchestra of New Spain Conquers Another Zarzuela

The Orchestra of New Spain specializes in reviving long-lost music. Founder Grover Wilkins and his ensemble have freed a string of neglected Spanish-baroque works from the prison of the library shelves, and on Feb. 21 and 22, the group will give a belated U.S. premiere to a 300-year-old tale of passion among gods and mortals....

Musiqa’s Open Field Season

Anthony Brandt urges his composition students at Rice University to keep an open mind about the musical styles that influence them. “I often say, ‘Don’t put a fence around yourself. Feel the joy of having an open field around you, and discover what you might love that you didn’t know you would,’” he explains....
Steven Brown

Steven Brown

Steven Brown is a Houston writer who has been classical music critic of the Houston Chronicle, Charlotte (N.C.) Observer and Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel.