Editor Nancy Wozny.

Over a year ago, A + C publisher Ken Villalovos bombed south down I-45 with the idea of launching a sister publication to Arts + Culture NTX. Welcomed by some, considered slightly nuts by others, he persevered.

So here we are, celebrating one year on the streets as Houston’s only arts-only publication. Who would have thought a new print publication would still be on its feet in 2012?

I guess you did. Thanks for that.

A few milestones emerge: We joined the current century with a web presence. We added film, literature and architecture to our coverage. Vitamin A + C, our weekly e-blast, launched this summer, so we can go a little “breaking news” on you from time to time and keep you informed of incoming web content.

Devon Britt-Darby came on board as visual arts editor to much fun and fanfare, never mind saving me from needing to be three places at once. In addition to his sharp insights, Britt-Darby added art to this little art rag. Be sure to find September’s Ad/Art Bomb, conversations with andy warhol’s wig (for sasha), courtesy of Houston artist Nancy Douthey. Visit her at www.elizabethtayloraidsfoundation.org.

Gracious thanks to the advisory board for helping steer the A + C ship, especially Judy Nyquist, who first suggested we form one; to the Dallas A+ C team, who guided us early on; and to all the writers who have graced these pages over this past year.

This issue has come together while I’ve been holed away in the Green Mountains of Vermont. From reading Britt-Darby’s dispatch on the Houston Fine Art Fair to Nicole Zaza’s look at Inprint’s impact on writers, I’m ready to return to the flatlands and all that Houston has to offer this season.

One of my last art treks in the Berkshires was to see Jeremy Choate’s work at MASS MOCA. Houston mourns the loss of Choate, an extraordinary dance and theater lighting designer. Jeremy taught me that light has a choreography all of its own. I’ll be thinking of Jeremy as the first light shines on a Houston artist this fall.

Now, for September….