Nick Barbee, vialis 40mg who currently teaches drawing and sculpture at Rice University and the University of Houston, order will be featured in his first Dallas solo exhibition at Plush Gallery, nurse opening March 31. The Plush exhibition will be shown as an adjunct to his participation in the upcoming Dallas Biennale, a separate large-scale effort organized by the Dallas Contemporary.

Barbee abstraction is not only an artistic process… Abstract forms can also be a physical marker of a phase of the evolution of concepts over time and a metaphor for historical distortion as each generation inherits ideas, adds their own perspectives and misinterpretations, and reforms the concepts they inherited.

For “Proclamation,” Barbee will be presenting new framed drawings of himself and his wife in domestic settings, cast plaster geometric solids on hand-knit fabric bases, abstract paintings that are closely related to the solids, and plaster casts of disembodied feet in ordinary colored socks, in reference to the imprecise nature of our forms of measurement (the foot as an allusion to the common measure of twelve inches in the English system).

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