A Poetics of Spontaneity

Lanny Quarles at The Ashton

Lanny Quarles submitted his first computer drawing to an art competition in 1982. He followed that act as a post-punk DIY publisher in art/language happenings in and around DFW. Quarles studied in the New Genres Program at the University of Texas at Arlington. This allowed him to explore collage, assemblage, painting, video, computer and performance art. After completing his studies in New Media Studies in Portland, OR and participating in a video poetry symposium at the Tate Modern, Quarles returned to Dallas and was included in a 2010 exhibition at the Fort Worth Community Art Center. In 2011 he has participated in exhibitions at Cohn Drennan Contemporary – dig.it.al – april 2 – may 14 and Post Pop Punks – November 19 – December 23. Quarles is a published author/poet and his work is in private collections.
Quarles – “A poetics of spontaneity is something which greatly interests me, from Merleau-Ponty’s ‘initial sympathy’ to the Beat Generation’s ‘first thought, best thought’. There is a value to noticing the qualities of beginnings. Sometimes whole movements and careers can be thought of as beginnings, or simply, an approach. Collage, like a receptacle of every level of finish, and all styles of beginning seems very close to poetry, my first interest. Post-conceptual, Post-pop, punk, whatever you might choose to call them, new-millenium garret paintings, these works are random worldings in the spirit of both the early modernism of the Fumistes, and the anarchic urbanity of The Germs.”

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Opening Reception November 15, 2012, 6:00 – 8:00pm
at The Ashton, 2215 Cedar Springs Road, valet parking