Selected works from the estate of acclaimed Texas artist Scottie Parsons will be on display January 12-February 9, 2013, at William Campbell Contemporary Art. The show will feature Parsons’ signature abstract paintings, which address notions of space, time, and the sublime via color interaction and subtle texture and layering.

Shibeli River from Dueling Game Series, Oil on canvas, 1987

Shibeli River from Dueling Game Series, Oil on canvas, 1987

“I approach each painting with the idea that the canvas represents a field, a space in which to explore by means of color, shape and line, some meaningful form that speaks to the infinity of space, time and celebrates that mysterious quality of our lives.”

Parsons’ paintings employ simple visual elements to deconstruct then rebuild the pictureplane, transforming it into a multidimensional environment of interactive shapes and textures. Bold swaths of pigment define planar segments that fuse with wisps of color and lines to form deep, ethereal layers. These complex gradations overlap and parallel one another to seemingly infinite depths. As the elements emerge and recede, they travel through the space, alluding to the passage of time. And time, the fourth dimension, often played an integral part in Parsons’ quest to transcend our corporeal existence through visual means.

Parsons’ work emits an unmistakable energy via a complex amalgamation of color, layering,and texture. The pieces often include obscure text as well-a technique that adds additional texture, as well as a human element to the otherwise nonrepresentational paintings. Overall, the work inspires a feeling of physical and spiritual infinity, evoking a sense of the human essence “beyond everyday life.” Each piece creates its own indefinable atmosphere, inviting the viewer to enter, explore, and experience the sublime.

Opening Reception
Saturday, January 12, 6:00-8:00 p.m.

William Campbell Contemporary Art
4935 Byers Avenue, Fort Worth 76107