Tarra Gaines

Albee on Edge: A Visceral Virginia Woolf at Stark Naked

The morning after seeing Stark Naked Theatre’s new production of Edward Albee’s classic marriage horror story Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (through March 26), I woke up exhausted, with a mild headache, dry mouth and a stomach churning with anxiety (a.k.a a hangover). ...

Virginia Grise’s Poetic Manifesto at Meca Performing Arts

Your Healing Is Killing Me, written and performed by award-winning New York and San Antonio playwright Virginia Grise and making its world premiere as part of the MECA Performing Arts 2016 season on March 4-5, seems less like the performance manifesto of its subtitle and more like a poetry manifesto, maybe even an epic poetry manifesto. ...

Tarra Gaines

Tarra Gaines is a writer and teacher in Houston.