A new photographic exhibit opens Friday, October 19 at ArtSpace111 in Fort Worth. An exhibit that captures authentic moments of Jewish life in Eastern Europe.

With a photojournalistic combined with fine art perspective, Loli Kantor’s photographs document the people, the places, and the relics of their lives. The tone of the exhibition balances melancholy about irreparable loss with hope for the future. The vivid highly saturated color prints convey the tangible reality of these places, in a full palette of the region’s hues. Along with the color works, part of the project was printed using original black-and-white negatives and printed in the platinum/palladium process. The small palladium prints are reminiscent of snapshots taken in the 1940’s, and intended to invoke the past. Juxtaposed with the color works, they create a dialogue between past and present and a wider look at people and culture.

Kantor will be at the gallery on October 19, 6-9pm, to discuss the works. The exhibit closes December 1.

Information at www.artspace111.com