Houston Congregation for Reform Judaism (HCRJ) looks to acquire artwork for their newly remodeled facility.

“The Seven Days of Creation”
A commissioned work in seven panels depicting the telling of creation from the Book of Genesis

Saturday, cialis June 15, 2013 Deadline to submit concept sketches and plans for project execution

Monday, August 12th Invitations begin to finalists for proposal presentations

Friday, August 30th Notification to selected artist

February 1, 2014 Ideal timing: Completed work ready to display

The work will include 7 museum-­?wrapped canvas panels that are 20”w x 48” h, painted in either oil or acrylic paint. These will be hung vertically side-­?by-­?side with approximately 5-­?6” between them. Each canvas should have a 2 ½”-­?3” museum wrapped, finished edge painted dark brown and should be ready to hang with fixed D-­?ring type hardware, rather than wires. The canvases must be sealed or varnished.

Working titles for each panel are as follows. (These should not appear in the work itself):

1. Light is Divided from Darkness
2. The Sky is Divided from the Earth
3. Water Is Separated from Land; Plants, Trees, and Flowers are Created
4. The Sun, Moon and Stars are Created
5. Animals, Fish, Birds and Snakes are Created
6. Mankind is Created
7. G-­?d Rested on the Sabbath

Each panel should represent a distinct image, but the grouping must portray the overall story with artistic continuity. Artists are encouraged to conceptualize this work freely; however, the paintings should not depict any images of G-­?d, angels or devils. Additionally, they should not have any violent or overtly sexual content.

Submitting Proposals
Submissions will be accepted through email account hcrj7daysofcreation@gmail.com Artists should use their
name as the title of their email message. All attachments combined must not exceed 25mb per email.

Submission Package (electronic submission ONLY):

A. The Proposed Series (a total of 8 images in .jpg format with sufficient resolution to ensure large

• One concept sketch showing the approach to the theme of each panel (a total of 7 .jpgs). Concept sketches may be done in any color medium (pencil, watercolor, pastel, marker, etc.). They should be sufficiently developed to give a clear idea of content, approach, and continuity across the series.

• A final sketch that shows installation layout (1 .jpg)

B. Past work (10-­?20 .jpg photo attachments)

• These images should represent the artist’s style and body of work.

C. Concept Statement (500 words, attachment as a Word Document)

• The concept statement will cover the approach to the subject, inspirations, plans for the
project’s execution, and how this series relates to past work.

D. Resume or Curriculum Vitae (attachment as a Word Document)

The Process:
• Include education, specific exhibition history (galleries, shows), previous commissions, and
any works in collections.

All email submissions will receive a response confirming receipt.

After submissions have been reviewed, HCRJ will request an interview of 2-­?6 top finalists. At this time, references may also be requested. Finalists will be invited to show their portfolio and/or examples of their current work to a selection committee and to give a brief presentation of their vision as well as their plans concerning the fabrication and installation of the final work. At the time of this presentation, these top finalists will each be awarded $250. Finalists must be available to travel to Houston, at their sole risk and expense, to present before a selection committee to be considered. Once an artist has been chosen, monthly review of his or her work will be expected in order to ensure progress.

Fee for Work
HCRJ anticipates awarding the selected artist $14,000 for the satisfactorily completed work—specifically, a fully installed work of art completed as stipulated in this call and any subsequent written agreements. Twenty-­?five percent of this amount will be given as an advance, with the balance to be presented upon successful completion of the project.

Open to members of the Houston metropolitan arts community who are at least 18 years old. Limited to one entry per artist. Entries must be original in design and execution. Each artist will be individually contacted regarding the final outcome.

Failure to comply with instructions and/or requirements provided in this call will result in disqualification from consideration. The selected artist’s entry and signature constitute acceptance of all terms and conditions. The final award will be subject to the signing of a commission agreement. HCRJ reserves the right not to award this commission upon the close of submissions. In the event a selected artist is unable to meet the February 1st deadline, HCRJ may select another artist.

Any questions pertaining to this call should be directed to Ms. Debby Jones at: hcrj7daysofcreation@gmail.com This call may also be accessed through the website: HCRJ.org